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An Organization of Sportsmen Dedicated to the Enjoyment, Preservation and Improvement of Salmon and Trout Fishing in the Great Lakes.

Membership Meetings are Back on the Agenda!

Brad Eggold To Be Our Guest Speaker on Tuesday, March 10th!

Coming up quickly, on March 10th, we will have Brad Eggold as our Guest Speaker. Brad is the Southern Lake Michigan Fisheries Manager and works out of the Greenfield Street Freshwater Science building. He will be bringing us up to date on several issues. The first one will be last year's creel census results, including the large samples from the tournaments like Brew City. He will also update us on the report for the Mid-lake Forage Trawl performed every year. This Trawl offers a view on the condition of the forage base and is used as one of the measurements when the Lake Michigan Fisheries Managers meet to to determine the 2016 stocking levels. Brad will also be available for a Q & A session after his presentation. This promises to be one of the most informative presentations this year. We hope to see YOU there.

To recap our February 10th Guest Speaker's Presentation,  we had Russell Gahagan of Sheboygan address our club. Russell is a successful Tournament Captain having won many titles and awards. You can read about him at his Bio website. Russell is the Manager at Angler's Avenue in Sheboygan, a noted vendor of Great Lakes Tackle. He shared his secrets with us that he uses to continue to be successful in different ports with different conditions. It was an entertaining and informative presentation! Those in attendance now know more about trolling with UV gear.

Our meetings are open and free to anyone wanting to learn more about fishing Lake Michigan. Guests are always welcome!

Dr. Russell Cuhel from the UW Wisconsin Fresh Water Institute, is still being targeted for sometime this year. Please read your Tightline or visit this website for updates.

Al Kretschmer / GLSF Charity Auction for 2015 will take place March 14, 2015

Our chairmen for this annual event have been busy gathering items for the Auction for the past several months. We still need a few more items and we also need almost 100% of out members to volunteer to make this another successful event.

We are at the Milwaukee Sports Show! Come and visit us at Booth 402! March 4 - 8! State Fair Park Pavilion

Annual GLSF Swap Meet and Vendor Night, coming up on  Tuesday, April 14th.

The Milwaukee GLSF Club is hosting our annual Swap Meet and Vendor Night April 14th. This event is open to the public and guests. Members in "good standing" will be able to sell, barter or trade equipment starting at 4 pm in the parking lot at the American Legion Hall. Non-Members can do the same by paying a $35 membership fee. At 6 pm we will again go inside the hall to visit with our guest vendors to hear about and look at some of the new equipment available. There will be a certain amount of equipment and lures available for purchase. We are hoping for great, warm and dry weather for this event. More information will be available as it gets closer to the event.

Brew City 2014 was Saturday, August 2nd! Look for Updates on Brew City 2015 in the next few weeks!

Brew City, our hosted Salmon Tournament was Saturday, August 2nd. We had the Captains' meeting on Friday night at 7 pm in the rain, at McKinley Marina and the contest itself Saturday from 6 am until 2 pm. The FINAL results are now posted at this link:  http://www.glsfclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Brew-City-2014-1-final.pdf. We were limited to 125 entries and we had 109 registered participants. For all of the winners, the payment checks should all be mailed out by the end of this week, Saturday, August 16th.

Our membership provided all of the volunteer help. They set-up from 3 to 5 pm Friday at McKinley Marina, sold items at the rainy and wet Captains' Meeting from 7 to 8 pm on Friday, August 1st and again at the tournament from 11 am to about 4 pm. Afterwards we had a small band who provided the gigantic effort of clean-up on Saturday, after the raffle completed.

Thank you to all of the participants, all of our wonderful sponsors who make the Tournament possible, the McKinley Marina Manager and Crew, and especially to the GLSF membership who provide all of the free, volunteer support! We hope to see everyone next year at Brew City 2015, our 15th consecutive year in the current format, on August 1st, 2015!

Our Club Memberships' Last Fish In for 2014 was  Sunday, August 24th!

The final results have been posted to the website and will be on the Tightline. Thank you to all the Participants, the Sponsors and to the Chair Persons, Mike and Danielle, along with our 2 new cooks who did an outstanding job of cooking this year! Let's do it again in May 2015!

Quick Note - Please check out the new fish scale inside the McKinley Marina Cleaning Station. This $500, very accurate scale was donated, by the Mathwick Family Trust, through the GLSF Foundation, to the Cleaning station. It was purchased from and installed by a local company, Floweigh of New Berlin. A dedication plaque has been hung above the scale. When you see Jay Mathwick, please take a moment to thank him and his family for their very generous donation!

We meet at:

Greendale American Legion Post 416
6351 W Grange Ave
Greendale, WI 53129 

Net Pen Placement 2011

This is a Net Pen.....

The Milwaukee GLSF Club is working for all Lake Michigan anglers on maintaining our great fishery.  84,000 Chinook Salmon were planted Monday, May 12th, 2014, by WI-DNR. They were placed into our net pens for acclimation.  The fish were released into the lake the next evening, May 13th. This extra isolation/help for the planted small Chinook Salmon increases their chances for survival. With more fish surviving, the summer, fall and winter returns have become a really great asset for the port of Milwaukee and the fishermen. If you would like to become a member and help maintain our great fishing here in Milwaukee on Lake Michigan, please click on the Become a Member option for the menu above. We are always looking for new active members!

We Volunteered to Weigh-in Fish for Racine Salmon Unlimited's Salmon-A-Rama, again in 2015!

Look for details to be posted here in the coming months. We will need volunteers again to man the scales during Racine's 10 day run of Salmon-A-Rama. Please watch for this opportunity!

Final Results from our 2014 Club Raffle
Here are the results from the April 8, 2014

Our drawing was held at 8 pm, April 9th, as advertised on the ticket stubs and the following people were drawn as winners:

Keith Moen - 1st Place - Silver King Charters
Dan Strasburg - 2nd Place - Ray's The Limit Charters
Sara Lachajewski - 3rd Place - Brew City Charters
Robert Zalewski - 4th Place - $300 Cabela's Gift Certificate
Paul Pankowski - 5th Place - $200 Cabela's Gift Certificate

Congratulations to all the winners and a Special Thank You to our exceptional Charter Captains for donating their trips and to Cabela's for donating the $300 Gift Certificate. Thank you to all the participants and we hope you'll buy a ticket and try to win again next year!

NOTE: Our 2015 Raffle is well underway. The drawing will be April 14th at 8 pm. New this year, we have 5 (Yes, five!) Charter Trips along with the $300 and $200 Cabela's Gift Cards. Tickets can be purchased from any Milwaukee GLSF Member, or you can click here to send a request to us and we will make arrangements to get you some tickets. They are still a great bargain at only $1 a piece or 6 for only $5. Good luck to everyone who participates!

Brew City Dates for 2015 Announced!

The 15th Annual GLSF Brew City Tournament will be hosted over the weekend of July 31 and August 1, 2015. (Rain date of August 2nd) The dates have been reserved with Milwaukee County Parks. We hope to see you there.

Fact - A 36 pound Chinook Salmon was caught early, August 1, 2013!

Lake Michigan Sport Fishing...

The Best Trout & Salmon Fishing in the World is Right at our Doorstep… and the Great Lakes Sport Fishermen Club is working to keep our fishing great!

Lake Michigan has  been called the “World’s Biggest Fishing Pond,” and with good reason. We have the best trout and salmon fishing to be found anywhere in the United States. If not anywhere in the world - right at our front door.

Catching a trophy-size fish is no longer something to just dream about, and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make your dream come true in Canada or Alaska. You can make it happen right here in Milwaukee!

GLSF club members routinely catch chinook or king salmon over 20 pounds, lake trout over 15 pounds, rainbow trout or steelhead trout over 10 pounds, coho salmon over 8 pounds, and brown trout over 15 pounds.

Join us - the Great Lakes Sport Fisherman - and learn our fishing tips and techniques. We’ll help you to fish with success on Lake Michigan, and make your dream of a trophy-size catch come true.

Your membership will insure quality facilities and good quantities of fish for years to come.

Our club’s strength is in numbers. Collectively, our members do make a difference by preserving and improving the fisheries.

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