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Tournament Information

Saturday, July 29, 2017, too windy! Completed on Sunday, July 30, 2017!

TIME: 5:30 am- 1:30 pm (New Adjusted time for 2017!)

$130 per Boat Fishing Tournament
Cash Prizes awarded to the top 22 Boats
$2979.00 First Place* *Based on 79 boats entered. To View or print the FINAL tournament results, please CLICK HERE! We had 79 boats registered, but only 77 fished the Tournament. Seven of the boats did not check in upon returning and ended up being disqualified, even though they weighed no fish. Of the 75 boats, only 57 weighed fish, which totaled in number at 283, weighing 2040.8 pounds.The total payout of prize money was $13,470 and one $100 Gift Card. Even with the small catch, we managed to donate 384 pounds of fresh fish fillets to The Hunger Task Force, for which they say “Thank You!”
To all of the participants, Thank You for signing up and fishing our tournament. If you didn’t win anything this year, hopefully you’ll join us again for our 18th Annual Brew City Tournament next year on August 4th, 2018. To all of our most gracious sponsors, Thank You for supporting us and the Lake Michigan fishery. It is because of your generosity that we can offer many of the great prizes to our participants! We sincerely hope you will consider supporting us again in 2018!
To View/Print 2017 Tournament Rules and Entry Form Brochure – CLICK HERE . To View/Print the 2016 Brew City Tournament Results, CLICK HERE, To View/Print the 2015 Brew City Tournament Results, CLICK HERE, To View/Print the 2014 Brew City Tournament Results, CLICK HERE. To View/Print the 2013 Brew City Tournament Results, CLICK HERE. To View/Print the 2012 Brew City Tournament Results, CLICK HERE. To View/Print the 2012 SW Lake Michigan Salmon Series Info – CLICK HERE To View All of the Final Results from Brew City 2011 CLICK HERE To View some pictures from the Captain’s Meeting 2011 CLICK HERE To View the Final 2011 3-3-6 Tournament Series Standings  CLICK HERE To View/Print the 2011 336 Tournament Series Info CLICK HERE To View/Print the 2010 Official Tournament Results CLICK HERE To View/Print 2009 Official Tournament Results CLICK HERE

All files that can be downloaded from this site are stored in Acrobat PDF format. If your computer does not have Acrobat Reader –  CLICK HERE to download a copy of the free program.


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Brew City 2016 Was Saturday, August 6th!

The Milwaukee GLSF hosted our 16th Annual, Brew City Salmon Tournament on Saturday, August 6th, at McKinley Marina in Milwaukee. Fishing was TOUGH! As a result, there was a lot of confusion as about 80 boats tried to get inside the North Gap and to the Weigh In station, at 2pm, all at once. Add to that some normal Fishermen shenanigan’s and mistakes on behalf of the volunteers and fishermen with the 25 Big Fish registration causing us to request the records created by the DNR and USFWS personnel on Monday, and you’ll soon realize the reasons for the delay in posting the results. Only the top 5 fish for each species are listed in the results due to the issues above, using the actual logs from the DNR and USFWs. The good news is that we are confident we got it right and the Polygraph Test has been successfully administered. That means we will be mailing the checks to all the winners this weekend! The Milwaukee GLSF apologizes for the delay, realizing that the contestants have been patiently waiting for the results to be posted.

Clicking on this link will open the Brew City Spreadsheet and you will be able to print a copy of it if you wish. The Boat Numbers listed in red were not counted in the results. The Boats listed in the shades of purple were participating in the SW Lake Michigan Salmon Series and/or the Captains’ Side Bet.

As mentioned, we paid the top 22 places for the leaders of the Tournament, as well as $500 to the Boat 20 feet or under with the highest score, $250 to the youth with the Biggest fish, Two $130 consolation prizes for 2 boats that entered and weighed fish, but won nothing else, $500 in prize money for the heaviest 5 fish of each major species. This made the total payout for the Tournament $16,384.

We registered 535 fish, slightly higher than last year and they weighed 4,403.5 collectively, which is more than each of the past 2 years. We also donated 846 pounds of fish fillets to The Hunger Task Force which was outstanding! Thank You!

I want to thank all of our generous sponsors, all of the fishermen and their crews, all of the volunteers, the folks from the DNR and USFWs and all of the folks with Milwaukee County Parks and McKinley Marina! We look forward to seeing you again next year. We promise a better weigh-in experience with a quicker turn-around in getting the results posted. We are working on computerizing the input similar to that of Racine’s Salmon-A-Rama.

Come back in a few weeks and look for the 2017 date to be announced. Look for it to be either Saturday, August 5th with a Rain Date of Sunday, August 6th, or Saturday, July 29th with a rain date of Sunday, July 30th. Once it is confirmed, you’ll see it posted here.

For the historical buffs, in 2013, we had 122 boats participate on August 10th, 2013. We registered over 7000 pounds of fish and over 1500 pounds of fresh fish fillets were donated to the Milwaukee Hunger Task Force. Yes, conditions do change, especially with the lake almost freezing over in the winter of 2013-2014. In 2014 we still  managed to donate 830 pounds of fish fillets to the Hunger Task Force, even though we only had 409 fish registered, weighing only 3474.5 pounds. For 2015, things did improve slightly with 467 fish being registered weighing a total of 3388 lbs. It was more fish, but they were slightly smaller. We  donated approximately 900 pounds of fillets to the Hunger task force! Outstanding once again! Thank You! You can view a Positively Milwaukee News segment from TV 4 on our 2015 Tournament by clicking here.



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