40th Annual Al Kretschmer Memorial/GLSF Charity Auction – 2018

Our 2018 Al Kretschmer Memorial/GLSF Charity Auction was held March 24th, at the New Berlin Ale House. It was our 40th Annual! Hopefully you were there!

The doors opened at 9:00 with the auction starting at 10:00. Admission was $5 ($2 went directly to Make-A-Wish Foundation!), we are trying to entice more active bidders and the new location appeared to help! If you have suggestions on improvements we should consider, please click here and send us your thoughts! Thank You! If you would like a copy of our 2018 promotional Flier, please click here and you will be able to print a copy on your printer. It is also located in our Tightline Newsletter for our Members and Associates!

It was exciting!

All of the Auction items went up for bid this year!  We sold 2 African Safaris along with other “big ticket” items! Thank You to all of the Attendees, all of the Sponsors and all of the businesses that provided donations!  Saturday, March 23rd 2019, is the date for our 2019 Auction, our 41st!

2019 Location: New Berlin Entertainment Center, 16000 West Cleveland Avenue, New Berlin

2019Chairman:                          2019 Co-Chairman:

Ron Mickinak                                                    Steve Zajc
Phone:262-337-2225                            Phone: 262-527-4232

Please click on this link to see a listing of our all important sponsors. Without them, this auction could not be held. Please remember to visit their businesses and say Thanks when you are out shopping!

Here is a copy of the Auction 2018 Kick-Off from the Chairman, Ron Mickinak, Feel free to print as many copies of this flyer that you want. They are in color and perfect for distributing to all of the businesses, work places and public places you visit. The more people we have attend the Auction to bid on items, the better it is for our club and our fishing resources.

As always, we need donated goods for this auction. The profit from this auction is used to support the many charitable projects we sponsor. Some of the larger, most notable ones are listed in the Auction Donation Request Letter. (Again, feel free to print as many of these letters as you want to distribute. You can also save an electronic copy and attach it to E Mails you want to send!) In additional to general fishing gear, what other types of goods can we use?  Just about anything, here are a few examples.

  • Free or discounted dinner packages at local restaurants
  • Free or discounted lodging at local hotels or motels
  • Free or discounted tickets to local sporting events or theater events
  • Free or discounts on goods at any retail store like:
    • Grocery stores
    • Local Sporting Good Stores
    • Department Stores
    • Cleaning establishments
    • Video Stores
    • Butcher Shops
  • Discounted travel packages from Travel Agencies
  • Discounted firewood
  • Free or discounted oil changes or vehicle maintenance
  • Discounts for boat work or parts from local Marine Dealers

This event is one of our club’s larger money raising activities and we need a lot of volunteer people, starting at 7am until 5pm. How about you for 2018?

If you obtain any donations or have a question pertaining to a potential donation, please contact one of the 2018 Chairmen above. You will be hearing more about the sign-up sheets for volunteer helpers at the auction on March 25th at the next several general membership meetings. You can also volunteer right now by picking up your phone and calling either of the Auction co-chairmen.

If you still have questions and want to just talk to someone about the auction, feel free to contact either of the Chairmen above or you can Click Here to be delivered to the Contact Us Page for a list of your Board representatives.