Wisconsin Federation of Great Lakes Sport Fishing Clubs

2020 Officers
Thom Gulash – Immediate Past President (tcgulash@sbcglobal.net)
Bob Wincek – President (bob@glsfclub.com)
Rich Jones – Vice President
Lynn Davis – Treasurer
OPEN! (Click Here to Apply) – Secretary
Chuck Weier – Legislative Chairman
Next Meeting Date:
December 5, 2020, Sheboygan Outboard Club, 732 N. Water St., Sheboygan, 08:30-12:00

Please share this position paper with all of your members. This is important for the continued success of the Wisconsin Sportsmen in their quest to catch fish and support the Wisconsin Fisheries!

YES! this condition still continues today! Updated from 2012 to 2017, the recently updated subsidy amount is around $600,000 a year. That is your hunting and fishing license money being spent to patrol the commercial fishing fleet! What have they done for you lately?

Great Lakes Fishery Commission

Every wonder what the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, along with each individual Lake Committee, was all about? Did you ever wish you could find out more about the various situations about the forage base in Lake Michigan or Lake Huron right from the scientists who do the research and publish the results? Well, here is a link to the Commission’s website where all of that information can be accessed. Feel free to visit often to get the latest updates. Our Great Lakes are “under attack” from many different forces and not everyone is interested in protecting these wondrous resources, as history has proven time and time again! Education is a wonderful resource!

Here is a handy link to a National Website, Find A Fishing Club.com