Hello Members, Is Anyone Catching Fish?

GLSF Members,

The last post on the fishing reports is May 25th, before the Fish-In last Sunday. Has anyone been out fishing? Is anyone catching any fish?

You know we spent club money to update this website for our members’ use and enjoyment. If we’re not going to use the website to post and share fishing information, we could have saved money and stayed on the old platform.

I see lots of benefits for our club and our members with the new website. Unfortunately, to realize all of the great benefits, I need your cooperation. I need you to post your fishing trips and share that information with all of our other members. I will start blogging more regularly as well.

Please visit our site often and share your fishing results with your fellow members. If there are other items you’d like to see on the website, please use the contact us tab on the public menu at the top of the home page to let us know what you’d like to see.

Tight lines and heavy coolers……..