Members Looking to Share a Fishing Trip

If you have a trip to share or need to share a trip, this is the page for you!

We have many members who do not own a boat and are frequently looking to hook up with a Captain who has an empty seat. They are willing to pay their share for gasoline for the boat as well to learn your tactics. Of course, they would also like to share in the catch bounty.

If you are planning a trip and need a ride,  send me a brief ad (, including your name, phone number, best time to call and when you are available to go fishing. If you are a Captain with a frequent open seat looking for a fishing companion, please do the same. I will post your requests on this page to be shared by all. These ads do not expire and you will have to send me another note when you want them deleted.

This is being posted in the public area of our website so non-members can see the postings, too. Perhaps they might wish to offer a fishing trip to one of our members to see what we are all about. If it becomes abused, this will be moved into the members only portion of this website.

New Requests after April 26, 2017

I am very interested and very flexible with my schedule. Of course willing to contribute towards gas costs. Share work. Learn. Meet a member and socialize.
Roger Martens