New Service – Buoy Texting from NOAA

Wow, if you have a cell phone and accept txt messages, you can get up to the minute Lake Michigan conditions returned right to your cell phone.

You need to know the buoy locations and you can find them at this web address:…ons_080812.pdf

Next you’ll need an explanation on how to use it and you’ll find that info at this web address:…age_080612.pdf

Basically, you send a txt message to a place in Michigan, 734-418-7299, with only the station id in the body of the message. The service sends a message back to you with the exact conditions from that buoy. For us here in Milwaukee, the mid-lake buoy, 45007 or the Atwater Park buoy, 45013, would be our best bets.

Please let us know if you use this service and how you like it.

There is also an app for your iPhone that does the same thing, but it costs a couple of dollars.